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Proceedings of the third International Conference on Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications (WAA) : ... Read More / editors, Jian Ping Li [and others].

E-book E-book (©2003.)
Description: 1 online resource (2 volumes (1006 pages)) : illustrations
Publisher: [River Edge], N.J. : World Scientific, ©2003.

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  • ISBN: 9789812796769
  • ISBN: 9812796762
Bibliography, etc.:
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Vol. 1. Keynote presentations. Accelerating convergence of Monte Carlo simulations and measuring ... Read More
Generalized multiresolution analysis / Y. Guan and Y. Zhou -- Structural and geometric ... Read More
Systems and Application. GO methodology for engineering risk analysis / Q. Yong [and others] -- ... Read More
Vol. 2. Keynote presentations. Demodulation by complex-valued wavelets for stochastic pattern ... Read More
A new image enhancement and object obtaining method in the environment of low contrast and strong ... Read More
Wavelets analysis on the feature collection and the influencing factors of the surface roughness in ... Read More
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This book captures the essence of the current state of research in wavelet analysis and its ... Read More
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Citation: "Proceedings of the third International Conference on Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications (WAA) : Chongqing, PR China, 29-31 May 2003." River Edge, N.J. : World Scientific, ©2003.
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020 . ‡z9789812796769 ‡q(electronic bk.)
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049 . ‡aBHLA
1112 . ‡aInternational Conference on Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications ‡n(3rd : ‡d2003 : ‡cChongqing, China)
24510. ‡aProceedings of the third International Conference on Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications (WAA) : ‡bChongqing, PR China, 29-31 May 2003 / ‡ceditors, Jian Ping Li [and others].
260 . ‡a[River Edge], N.J. : ‡bWorld Scientific, ‡c©2003.
300 . ‡a1 online resource (2 volumes (1006 pages)) : ‡billustrations
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504 . ‡aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
506 . ‡aAccess limited to residents of owning communities and students of owning institutions.
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5050 . ‡aVol. 1. Keynote presentations. Accelerating convergence of Monte Carlo simulations and measuring weak biosignals using wavelet threshold denoising / M.V. Wickerhauser -- Image compression and coding. A novel solution to tile effect exhibited by fractal image compression techniques / C. He [and others] -- Global distortion optimal bit allocation scheme for image compression / J.M. Wang, M.Z Mao and Y.Y. Xue -- One of image compression methods based on biorthogonal wavelet transform and LBG algorithm / J. Lin, G. Jing and X. Guo -- Gene, wavelet, fractal and data compression / F. Tian [and others] -- Design of biorthogonal wavelets based on lifting scheme and its application to image coding / X. Ding, R. Zhu and J. Li -- Two-dimensional biorthogonal wavelet transform and its application on fingerprint images compression / J. Lu, X. Wu and Y. Liu -- Constructing for irregular region in fractal image compression / H. Fan and C. Fan -- The relationship between wavelet bases and image compression / X. Yu -- Video Coding and Processing. The Speech Analysis and Segmentation by Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) / J.F. Ma and H.Q. Wang -- Application of bi-orthogonal wavelet transform in the de-noising of gyro signal / X. Wang [and others] -- Wavelet transform application of video coding at very low bit rate / X. Fu, Z. Wang and D. Liang -- A video watermarking algorithm using fast wavelet / J. Zhang [and others] -- DC coefficients recovery-based error concealment technique for mpeg-2 video streams / J. Cao, Z. Wang and F. Li -- Wavelet denoising of derivative near infrared spectra (NIR) / G. Tian [and others] -- Theory. Fast method to compute tensor product 2-D wavelet transforms / Y. Sun and L. Tang -- Bivariate nonseparable scaling function / S. Yang, Z. Cheng and X. Feng -- Coherent structure and its influence to scaling law in Rayleigh-Bénard convection based on wavelet transformation / Q. Fu, L. Li and K. Xia -- Multi-frequency biorthogonal wavelets generated by a finite number of functions / Z. Shi and G. Song -- A novel adaptive wavelet via lifting scheme / W. Huang [and others] -- The wavelet approximation in reproducing kernel spaces H[symbol](I) / C. Deng -- Adapted sampling and interpolatory wavelet packets / J. Yang and Z. Cheng -- A class of semi-orthogonal wavelet packets / Y.Y. Tang, J. Yang and W. Zhang -- Wavelet transform for multiple decomposition of gravity anomalies / Z. Hou and P. Sun -- A fuzzy-logic-based denoising method in wavelet domain / S. Li and L. Liu -- Nonorthogonal B-spline multiresolution analysis / N.A. Strelkov -- Data compression by orthogonal multiwavelets of multiplicity four / L.T. Guan, X. Liu and L. Guan -- The research of complex system modeling based on fractal conception / L. Wang [and others].
5058 . ‡aGeneralized multiresolution analysis / Y. Guan and Y. Zhou -- Structural and geometric characteristics of sets of convergence and divergence of multiple Fourier series of functions which equal zero on some set / I.L. Bloshanskii -- Strong convergence for generalized abstract evolutionary algorithm / M.Z. Xue, W.C. Zhong and L.C. Jiao -- Multiscale wavelet texture based iris verification / L. Yu [and others] -- The wavelets characterization of weighted Triebel-Lizorkin spaces / M. Xu -- Image processing. Sequence images data fusion based on wavelet transform approach / H. Toa [and others] -- Skeleton extraction of ribbon-like shapes based on wavelet transform / X. You and Y.Y. Tang -- A method for feature extraction of target signal based on wavelet decomposition / L.P. Jiang [and others] -- A wavelet based watermarking scheme for information security -- J. Yang, J. Cheng and B. Li -- Multiwavelet thresholding with context modeling for image denoising / X. Shang, B. Zhang and G. Song -- Characters automatic detection in color image by wavelet transform / Y. Chen, L. Wang and Z. Wan -- Steganalysis of images created in wavelet domain using quantization modulation / S. Liu [and others] -- Iris image analysis and reconstruction based on zero-crossing wavelet transform / Y. Liu [and others] -- CT image of liver cancer enhancement using wavelet transform / D. Feng [and others] -- Wavelet-domain least squares based image superresolution / S. Zhao, P. Zhang and S. Peng -- Image fusion using wavelet packet transform / W. Liu and L. Zhou -- A composite edge detector based on multi-wavelet / C. Cai, M. Ding and C. Zhou -- Study of two new wavelet templates for medical cephalometric image processing / Y. Du and D. Wang -- Similar image retrieval based on wavelet transformation / C.C. Chang, J.C Chuang and Y.S. Hu -- Signal processing. Invisible pattern recognition and wavelet analysis / F.S. Bai, L. Gu and Y.Y. Tang -- Extracting and analyzing sub-signals in heart period signal / Z.Y. Lee [and others] -- The research of mechanical fault diagnosis on wavelet packet transform / H. Wang, J. Li and W. Pan -- Robust-M detection of signal based on wavelet packet transform / Q. Xiang, C. Lin and S. Gong -- Power quality short-term disturbance recognition using wavelet / X. Xiao and H.G. Yang -- Date fusion for medical cephalometric image based on lifting scheme / D. Wang and Y. Du -- Recognition of oceanic explosion signals based on wavelet packet transform and neural network / R. Li, Y. Ma and Z. Zhang -- Radar detection of minimum altitude flying targets based on wavelet transforms / H. Li [and others].
5058 . ‡aSystems and Application. GO methodology for engineering risk analysis / Q. Yong [and others] -- Wavelet transformation on hidden Markov models / M. Wang and H. Ma -- An application of fault diagnosis for bearings in the gearbox of the propelled gun using wavelet / W. Wang, H. Feng and L. Tang -- Fourier analysis on the measuring of non-linear distortion / S. Yan, J. Zhai and T. Yang -- Symmetry phase congruency: feature detector consistent with human visual system characteristics / Z. Xiao [and others] -- The application of lifting scheme in pitch detection / H. Peng, F. Ning and Y. Kong -- Some results on bivariate nonseparable wavelets / X. Gao and H. Zhong -- Wavelet and support vector machines for short-term electrical load forecasting / Y. Li and T. Fang -- Wideband waveform design based on reproducing kernel / H. Du [and others] -- Short supported biorthogonal multiwavelets system with high vanishing moments associated with hermite interpolant function / L.H. Cui, Z.X. Cheng and J.S. Leng -- Assessing harmonic impedance by synchronous wavelet transform / A. Zhang and H. Yang -- Study on bifurcation phenomena in a buck-boost circuit based on wavelet transform / L. Wang and X. Wei -- The criteria of weak generalized localization for multiple Walsh-Fourier series of functions in Orlicz classes / S.K. Bloshanskaya -- The algorithm research of fast multiwavelet transform based on FFT / M. Wang and J. He -- Precursors of engine failures revealed by wavelet analysis / I.M. Dremin -- Beam bending analysis using wavelet finite element / B. Li [and others] -- Transient thermal analysis of duplicating paper using wavelet on the interval elements / X. Chen [and others] -- A new method to choose the thresholds in wavelet denoising / S. He, S. Yang and L. Wu -- The application of wavelet for passive location using TDOA information / M. Zhu, Z. You and J. Nie -- A novel multiple resolution analysis method / H. Yang [and others] -- Application of wavelet neural network for automatic ranging cutting height of shearer / T. Yang and S. Xiong -- The properties of biorthogonnal multiwavelet packets with scale=a / J.S. Leng, Z. Cheng and J. Li -- The application of the wavelet transform to the discrete data of logging / S. Zeng [and others] -- PN code acquisition detection for CDMA networks based on wavelet transform and artificial neural network / X. Zeng and X. Tan -- Study on the application of wavelet transform in detection of low observable targets / F. Su [and others].
5058 . ‡aVol. 2. Keynote presentations. Demodulation by complex-valued wavelets for stochastic pattern recognition: how iris recognition works / J. Daugman -- Image compression and coding. Study of image wavelet de-noising and compression scheme / D. Ma [and others] -- Meaningful image digital watermarking scheme based on multi-channel watermarking model in wavelet domain / J. Zhang [and others] -- Wavelets and image compression / V.A. Nechitailo -- A new JPEG2000 region-of-interest image coding method: Foveal shift / J. Zheng and L.Y. Fan -- The hierarchically weighted wavelet image coding based on SPIHT / J.L. Zhang, X.Z. Liang and H.Q. Sun -- Stripe-based wavelet transform and its coding / X. Zhang, L. Cheng and K. Li -- Wavelet lossy and lossless compression techniques for image / W. Pan [and others] -- Video coding and processing. Fast wavelet-based video codec and its application in an IP version 6-ready serverless videoconferencing / H.L. Cycon [and others] -- A new time-frequency mapping structure for high quality audio coding / J.X. Yan, Z.W. Dong and W.B. Dou -- Theory. A combined approach to separate atrial fibrillation wave / Z.Y. Lee [and others] -- Pre-processing design for multiwavelet filters using neural networks / R. Ashino and A. Morimoto -- Wavelet representation of fractal measures in weighted Wiener amalgam spaces / S.S. Pandey -- Domain decomposition adaptive algorithm with wavelet method to trace shock wave / B. Wu and X. Liu -- Fast algorithm of wavelet transform on real time signal / F. Han [and others] -- Biorthogonal vector filter banks via hermite interpolation and lifting scheme / P. Shui and Z. Bao -- A stepwise updating algorithm for multiresolution wavelet neural networks / Q. Sui and Y. Gao -- On a class of optimal wavelets / N.A. Strelkov and V.L. Dol 'nikov -- An iris recognition system including acquisition and locating as well as texture representation / Y. Liu [and others] -- A criterion of orthogonal for a class of scaling functions with dilation factor 3 / W. Ye -- A new orthogonal multiwavelet network for function approximation / J. Wang, X. Shang and G. Song -- The construction of biorthogonal multi-scaling functions possessing higher approximation order with fractal interpolation functions / B. Zhang, J. Wang and G. Song -- Application of wavelet de-noising and multiresolution analysis in the recognition of turbulent coherent structure / X. Wang [and others] -- Multiwavelet-based differentiation matrix with absorbed boundary conditions / X.C. Feng, G. Song and Y.Y. Tang -- A class of non-separable bivariate biorthogonal scaling functions with compact support / G. Wang and Z.X. Cheng.
5058 . ‡aA new image enhancement and object obtaining method in the environment of low contrast and strong background noise / J. Yan [and others] -- Generic programming with reusable wavelet transforms / W. Yuan and J. Guo -- Construction on orthogonal multiwavelets for derivatives of multivariate vector scaling function with compact support / X. Feng and Z. Cheng -- FPGA implementation of 1-D discrete wavelet transform / Z. Xie [and others] -- An application of continuous wavelet transform in L[symbol] (R[symbol]) / H. Qu and C. Xu -- Computation of the bivariate wavelet function value with arbitrary dilation matrix / C. Xie, S. Yang and Z. Cheng -- Image processing. A wavelet-based digital watermarking algorithm / H.Q. Sun, X.Z. Liang and J.L. Zhang -- Digital watermark based on wavelet transform for audio signals / Y. Wang, S. Wang and J. Zhang -- FOPEN ultra-wide band SAR imaging based on wavelet interpolation / H. Guo [and others] -- Biorthogonal wavelets research based on lifting scheme / Y. Wu [and others] -- The Application research of wavelet analysis in medical image processing / G. Xie, Y. Wang and L. Ming -- Segmentation of ultrasonic medical image based on wavelet transform and mathematical morphology / Q. Liu and T. Wang -- An wavelet-fractal neural network used in cutting tools wear monitoring / P. Xie and B. Liu -- Texture segmentation based on wavelet textons / P. Zhang, S. Zhao and S. Peng -- The fingerprint image noise reducing and minutia matching in verification / S. Jin, M. Zeng and D. Chen -- A robust digital watermarking system by specifying the embedded position using wavelet transform / Y. Ueno and K. Murakami -- Inter-scale dependency based adaptive shrinkage de-noising for image / S. Wang [and others] -- Speckle reduction in SAR image using wavelet / M. Zhu, Z. You and J. Nie -- Watermarking in image edges / W. Wang, Y.Y. Tang and G. Xu -- Signal processing. Research of the gyro signal de-noising method based on stationary wavelets transform / J. Guo, J. Teng and Q. Li -- On the security for the fail-stop digital signatures / Q. Zhang, J.M. Zheng and C. Yang -- Adaptive de-noising of low SNR signals / D. Isar and A. Isar -- A resolution comparison in the wavelet transform and several time-frequency representations / C. Qu, Y. He and F. Su -- Improving signal-noise rate of seismic data by balanced orthogonal multiwavelet transform / W.Z. He and A.D. Wu -- Wavelet domain Wiener filter and its application in signal denoising / Q. Li [and others] -- Performance analysis of wavelet packets multicarrier CDMA in Rayleigh fading channel / M. Li [and others] -- Research on fractal scaleless range of vibration signals based on genetic algorithm / G. Ren [and others].
5058 . ‡aWavelets analysis on the feature collection and the influencing factors of the surface roughness in vibratory machining / L.Z. Gu, L.H. Chen and F.S. Bai -- Fractal application in analyzing vibration signals of diesel engine / L. Tang [and others] -- Systems and application. Electronic signature system based on wavelet analysis (abstract) / J. Li -- A special Poisson sum and its applications / Y. Cen [and others] -- Nonlinear generalized predictive control based on inverse system using wavelet networks / J. Guo [and others] -- Predicting protein structural features with wavelet packet / J. Zhao [and others] -- Construction of 2-D mother wavelet from 1-D mother wavelet by inverse projecting / L. Zeng, P. Wang and Y.Y. Tang -- Wavelet singularity analysis of radar target disappearing and capture / X. Huang [and others] -- Exact solutions for rotation fluid equation / Z. Huang and L. Xia -- Starting characteristic testing and analysis of ultrasonic motor based on wavelet transformation / S.L. Shen and C.S. Zhao -- Extraction of the mutative rule of stock index using singularity detection technology / W. Bao [and others] -- Predictive models of seasonal time series for hemorrhagicfever with renal syndrome based on wavelet analysis / X. Guo [and others] -- Fault diagnosis based on double wavelet neural network / G. Li, X. Qi and L. Yao -- VEP signal extraction using wavelet in brain-computer interface research / Q. He [and others] -- Fault feature extraction of hydro-generator vibration signals based on wavelet shrinkage / T. Sun [and others] -- Wavelet method based on MPARIMA model for STLF / Q.W. Ran [and others] -- Application study for identifying nuclear explosion from earthquake with wavelet packet method / X. Yang, P. Shen and Z. Zheng -- An application of wavelet analysis to the spillovers of stock markets in China / C. Su, X. Liu and L. Liu -- Investigating the non-linear behaviors of rub-impact rotor system with wavelet scalogram / Z.K. Peng [and others] -- A Software system for analog-circuit fault diagnosis based on wavelet analysis / X. Luo, J. Cai and C. Shang -- Analysis of the DLA-process with gravitational interaction of particles and growing cluster / A. Loskutov [and others] -- Vehicle detection on highway based on direction-fractal dimension / X. Zhou [and others] -- Digital watermark / Q. Li [and others] -- Fractal application for predicting protein subcellular location / K. He [and others].
520 . ‡aThis book captures the essence of the current state of research in wavelet analysis and its applications, and identifies the changes and opportunities - both current and future in the field. Distinguished researchers such as Prof John Daugman from Cambridge University and Prof Victor Wickerhauser from Washington University present their research papers.
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77608. ‡iPrint version: ‡aInternational Conference on Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications (3rd : 2003 : Chongqing, China). ‡tProceedings of the third International Conference on Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications (WAA). ‡d[River Edge], N.J. : World Scientific, ©2003 ‡z9812383425 ‡z9789812383426 ‡w(DLC) 2003273135 ‡w(OCoLC)52758590
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